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    Rio Claro - San Josecito Tour

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Tour Highlights

Per Person

7am - 1pm


  •  Canoe ride
  •  Bilingual tour guide.
  •  Lunch
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Things to note
  •  Boat rides are 'wet landings'.
  •  There are no bathroom facilities on Rio Claro or San Josecito.
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Things to bring
  •  Water shoes for getting in/out of boat
  •  Hiking shoes
  •  Swimwear
  •  Insect repellent
  •  Sunscreen
  •  Hat
  •  Drinking water
  •  Camera
  •  Sunglasses
  •  Waterproof jacket or poncho

Tour Details

We organize the Rio Claro - San Josecito Tour for you, so you can have peace of mind during your stay at Drake Bay Getaway.

Most people come to Drake Bay for the legendary Corcovado National Park and Caño Island. However, for those looking for something more relaxing and exclusive, Punta Rio Claro National Wildlife Refuge (Rio Claro) is for you.

Just one and half hours walk from Drake Bay's main town, Rio Claro has many of the animal species that you can see in Corcovado National Park, including toucans, scarlet macaws and white-faced capuchin monkeys.

After a beautiful hike along the coast, past pristine beaches and tropical jungle, you will reach the river mouth. This secluded spot is perfect for a quick swim, or a guided canoe trip up the river. From July to December, turtles come to nest on this beach and there is a small conservation project here where you can learn all about them.

San Josecito beach can also be reached on foot from here, just 30 minutes more along the coastal trail past Rio Claro. This beach is a popular spot for lunch and has several shady picnic tables lining the shore. The clean white sand is perfect for sunbathing.

You will return to the hotel by boat.


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