Like the local flowers which adorn Drake Bay Getaway Resort, Yens Steller and Patrick Ludwig’s commitment to the community is paramount. In returning “home” to Costa Rica, Yens understood that no venture could be successful without the support and input from local residents. The vital empowerment, participation and sustainable development of the community allows Drake Bay Getaway Resort to maintain the friendly, laid-back and welcoming character that it has now become famous for.

Our resort has a zero tolerance policy towards the sexual exploitation of children, drug trafficking, child labor and other social problems affecting Costa Rica. We train our staff on these issues and teach them how to report suspected cases.

Since its inception in 2014, Drake Bay Getaway Resort has undertaken many community-based projects including the improvement of the public road and walking trail nearby the property. During the rainy season it used to be muddy, full of potholes and virtually impassable. Using only hand tools and manual work, we rebuilt a much needed trail that gives bridge-access to the Drake Bay community residents between the major hotels and the town. Instead of using cement, we used an adobe mixture of dirt, sand and grass in order to improve its durability and resistance to heavy rainfall. Members of our community now have an easier trip to work.

Some of the community initiatives we are most proud of include:


In 2020, we created the Steller Ludwig Foundation to help communities and other organizations in the Osa Peninsula.


In 2017, we donated construction materials to the Drake Bay's School Board, to cover the roof of the school building with white paint to lower the room-temperature in their classrooms to provide cooling and to fix their leaking roof. We also purchased ceiling fans for their classrooms.



In 2015, we donated construction materials to the Drake Bay's Comprehensive Health Association (Asociación de Salud Integral de Bahía Drake), in order to replace their existing septic drain system, fix their leaking roof and replace walls with holes inside their building. We also painted the entire building structure (inside and outside).


We provide free use of equipment such as computers, projectors and screens as well. As part of our free community services, we also give workshops on how to manage personal finances and online marketing.




Drake Bay Getaway Resort continually offers free usage of our café as a local meeting space for community groups, environmental organizations and schools.




We continuously support local farmers and fishermen by buying their produce and seafood. We hire and train local residents for various hotel positions including chefs, cooks, gardeners, and housekeepers. We also work with local professional tour guides, boat captains, masseuse, and carpenters throughout the year.

Our latest work by Steller Ludwig Foundation

Inspired by the land and its people, Yens and Patrick founded the Steller Ludwig Foundation to fund and promote community health and education initiatives that support the disadvantaged individuals who give so much to the country they call home.

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Internet & power for ranger stations

The Costa Rica's tourism industry and national park system continue to be greatly affected by COVID-19.Our foundation partnered with a third party to provide temporary internet access to two mayor ranger stations until the government of Costa Rica provides a permanent solution.

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Environmental assessment training

In order to improve the standard of living of our communities, our foundation formed a partnership with the official conservation group (ACOSA) responsible for our local national parks and protected areas.

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Community drinking water supply

Our foundation formed a partnership with our local Community Aqueduct & Sewage Systems Administration Association (ASADA) in order to improve our community's drinking water quality and aqueduct system. We have hired outside consultants to conduct an extensive study of our existing aqueduct system and provide a scalable solution in order to meet our community's growing water needs.

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Community work exchange

We have completed over half the distance of a long and beautiful coastal trail between the community of Drake Bay and the Punta Rio Claro National Wildlife Refuge. We are extremely proud of all our volunteers from the Drake Bay area.

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Bridge repair

With the help of 12 volunteers, our foundation repaired one of the main hanging bridges used by our community. The bridge was built over 20 years ago and had already rotted through in multiple locations.

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Community work exchange

The rising sea level and intensified storms caused by the ongoing global Climate Change threatens to take away our existing medical clinic. There is a current project to build a new clinic, but it will take a while to complete. With the support of our foundation, a group of volunteers from our community built a concrete retaining wall and a new path in front of our local medical clinic to slow down the coastline erosion caused by the rising sea level . The clinic provides general medical services to 2,000 people in our Drake district (over five communities).